Sunset Beach – Episode 5

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Olivia promises to run away with Del. Ricardo suggests Paula should move in with him. Vanessa wants Ricardo to investigate the apartment break-in, but there isn’t enough case to begin with. Meg, Michael and Mark want to rent a room at Casey and Rae’s house. Casey and Rae kiss. Meg meets Ben on the beach. Ben is still having flashbacks about his dead wife. Tim tries to convince Meg that his relationship with Connie is over, but Meg refuses to listen to his excuses. Annie and Del fight, and Annie comments on wanting to kill him. Tiffany tries to seduce Ben and when he refuses, she suffers a small accident. A strange woman arrives at Del’s hotel room, opens the door and shoots him. Sean hears the gunshot and opens the door, seeing a woman in a black robe leaving Del’s room.

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