Sunset Beach – Episode 4

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Gregory and Olivia realize that Annie has a gun, and they inform Del about it. Del asks his mistress, Olivia, to runaway with him, but she doesn’t know what to tell him. He threatens to reveal their affair to Gregory. Casey and Rae accidentally buy a house together. Bette helps Annie get some money from her bank account. Meg and Tiffany share a talk in the boutique. Michael saves Vanessa Hart, a young newspaper reporter from a car that almost ran over her. Vanessa thinks it’s not just coincidence. Meg comes to party. She wants to spend time with Casey. Casey and Rae try to discuss what to do with their house. Ben meets Meg on the party and offers her a job. She accepts it. Tiffany comes to party to seduce Ben, but Annie ruins her plan by a little drunken brawl. Tim leaves Kansas and arrives to Sunset Beach.

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