Sunset Beach – Episode 24

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Ben and Meg help Annie by distracting Ricardo to a wrong clue. Bette is on the memorial service for Al, and she has no idea that Annie is trapped inside Al’s coffin. At home, Meg comforts Bette. Bette tells her that Al’s widow wouldn’t pay for the funeral, so the coffin is going to the crematorium. Gregory catches Caitlin and Cole at Elaine’s Waffle Shop, and Caitlin tells him that she wants him to leave them alone. Bette tells Olivia that they have a big problem coming. Ben returns to the center and finds Al’s body sitting in the memorial service, so he finally realizes that Annie must be in the coffin. Ben realizes that the coffin isn’t on the way to New Orleans, but to the crematorium. Meanwhile, Annie believes that her coffin is being sent to New Orleans. Little does she know that the coffin is being inserted into the crematorium place.

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