Sunset Beach – Episode 22

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Meg and Ben are arrested for helping Annie escape, but Ricardo has to let them go because he has no proof. When Sean is taken to the hospital for his head injury, Gregory accuses him of trying to embarrass him. Michael calls a buddy, JoJo, to help him find a safe place for Jaleen and LaShawnda to hide, not knowing that JoJo is Jamahl Muhammad, the very man that LaShawnda wants to hide from. Annie is nearly caught by Eddie, but she gasses him and escapes. Ben mentions Maria to Meg for the first time when Annie leaves a coded message that she’ll meet him in the weight room at the gym where she and Maria used to work out. Ben and Meg send Casey as a decoy to lure the police away. After the police are gone, Ben leaves for the gym to meet Annie. Annie gets out of the hospital by hiding in Al’s coffin.

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