Sunset Beach – Episode 110

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Following Cole’s orders, Caitlin calls Paula and informs her about Cole being taken by the Interpol. She asks her to not say anything to Elaine. When Paula asks him to help, Ricardo tries to find some mistake in the papers, but it all seems right. Meg & Mark find Maria’s studio clean, so Meg tries to assure Mark that she isn’t going crazy. Meanwhile, Ben washes the blood off his hands at The Deep. Once again, Meg is sure that Annie is just playing a game with her, but Annie assures her that it wasn’t her. Ben arrives home and Meg wonders how he got a cut on the hand. He answers with a simple answer — from the robbery that happened recently. Meg finds out that be has been alone at The Deep. When Ben feels tired of the questions, he sends her home. Annie tells Meg she better make sure she isn’t near Ben on the day of Maria’s death. On the airport, Cole tells Caitlin that he has a plan.

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